Judi’s House

The new building for Judi’s House is a new and innovative structure located in the heart of Denver, CO. The main aim of this project is to provide much-needed grief therapy services to families and children who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. This building has been thoughtfully designed with the comfort and convenience of home in mind, offering visitors the opportunity to receive high-quality support in a welcoming and secure environment.


Inside the building, visitors can find a variety of spaces that cater to their particular needs. The building features spacious playrooms and group therapy rooms, which enable children to express themselves, connect with peers, and develop coping skills they need to deal with loss. Additionally, the new building includes an art room designed to inspire creative expression and provide new ways of healing.


Lastly, the building includes all the necessary employee offices, ensuring that the team at Judi’s House is always ready and equipped to provide visitors with the support they need. These offices are designed to be efficient, comfortable, and inviting, allowing the staff to work effectively and support visitors with compassion and sensitivity.


Overall, Judi’s House project is a unique and innovative solution to providing much-needed support and services to children and families. The new building is designed to be a safe harbor for those navigating through the grief process and provides a comforting and empowering environment to help individuals cope and heal.

  • Architect

    Davis Partnership

  • Location

    Aurora, CO