One River North

One River North is a striking concrete building located in the Denver RiNo neighborhood, making it a new architectural icon in the city. Designed collaboratively with MAD Architects and Davis Partnership, this 17-story tall building features a sleek and modern design that will surely capture the attention of every passerby. One of the standout features of this building is the exposed cave-like facades resembling a vertical slot canyon at many levels, adding an organic element to the structure’s overall design.


The building boasts numerous levels that house outdoor amenity areas, including a gorgeous rooftop pool, several waterfall features, and interconnected walking paths that span from level 6 to level 9, offering breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. The interiors of One River North use biophilic design elements, bringing natural elements inside the living spaces, and creating a harmonious environment that promotes wellbeing and peace. With ground-level retail space, One River North is primarily used for leasable apartments, offering residents a comfortable and modern living experience that is second to none.


In a city known for its breathtaking vistas, One River North stands out as one of Denver’s most impressive buildings, combining contemporary design with functionality and luxury. It’s the perfect place for those looking for a sophisticated urban lifestyle filled with convenience, comfort, and style.


004: One River North with Austin Reese, PE

  • Architect

    Davis Partnership MAD

  • Location

    Denver, CO

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